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Another one bites the dust…

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Over the past few years I was once a devoted consumer to the Bose brand. Their in-ear headphones came recommended to me by a friend after realizing my iPod set had seen better days. Although the headphones were a steep price of $100 I figured a decent pair was worth the extra money, figuring they would last me quite some time. To my dismay, I found that they headphones were more trouble than they were worth. The headphone tips that came with the headphones would fall off regularly if I was the slightest bit rough with them, which became a reoccurring problem while I was exercising. Without the tips the headphones would barely stay in my ears, and although they came with spare sets they would constantly be getting lost or fall off. I was then forced to buy a new set of tips from the Bose store; now what is more irritating is that they were only sold in the store at that time. This proved to be an inconvenience especially when the nearest Bose store was an hour away from where I live.  Although I was quite frustrated, I ultimately chose to put up with the inconvenience and continue using the headphones. I then came across a new problem, the wiring in the headphones somehow became defective and the sound quality became very poor and only worked in one ear. This dilemma occurred about a half a year after purchasing them, and when I took them into the store they gave me a new pair for half price. They informed me that  this seemed to be a problem with many other conumsers. The store employees also informed me that the new headphones had new and improved tips that would actually stay on. I felt pretty satisfied with the new headphones I bought with the promise of them lasting longer and better than my recent pair. Shockingly enough the same problem with the tips continued on despite the ‘new and improved design’. Also the same wiring problem started about a year after use once again. I was truly disappointed with the in-ear headphone product by Bose, and though I tried to continue my customer loyalty I was then forced to search elsewhere for headphones. So in this case, another Bose headphone set bites the dust, and I am now fairly content with the Skullcandy headphones that are now my brand of choice.


Black Friday Madness.

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It baffles me that actual people resort to these measures on Black Friday. I personally have only ventured out once for Black Friday, and that was enough to last me a lifetime. Granted, I am an avid shopper who loves a markdown, but even I just can’t seem to muster up the patience to deal with an immense mob of blood thirsty shopppers. Everyone loves a good sale, but at what lengths are people willing to go in order to get it? Clearly trampeling others is not out of the question for many people on black friday due to the number of cases that have been recorded on videotape. I would rather pay full price for something than go through the aggravation Black Friday entails, not to mention the bodily harm it could potentially cause me. Nevertheless, each year sale-driven shoppers are waking at 3am to stand in line for the madness to commence once those doors open.

Twenty Ten Boutique Comes to Wabash Landing.

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This year I was a little skeptical hearing that a new apparel retailer would be opening a store in the wabash landing. I do the majority of my shopping either online or in Indianapolis due to the lack of higher quality  retailers residing in the Lafayette area. To my surprise the boutique named Twenty Ten proved to be a real diamond in the rough. When I enetered the brand new boutique I was stunned by the chic layout and design of their floor plan. I felt as if I were in a trendy boutique in the heart of manhatten; moreover the clothes were actually peaking my interest unlike the unkempt  racks of merchandise at Charlotte Rousse in the Tippencanoe Mall. I was truly impressed. As I perused through their trendy designs I was once again shocked to see a few brands I was familiar with. These brands are usually featured on the websites I shop at, which feature higher end designers and pricier merchandise (not something you typically see in West Lafayette). The designs were fairly edgy especially for Lafayette retailer, and on their Facebook page they even say they offer LA’s newest trends and celebrity favorites to the fashionistas at Purdue. The fact that an edgier more trendy retailer has come to Lafayette in order to offer apparel many of female Purdue students aren’t able to find in the area shows there is a market in need of targeting. With Twenty Tens new arrival, this may forshadow other edgier apparel retailers following suit in the future. Although I usually turn my nose up at many of the apparel retailers in Lafayette I find Twenty Ten to be a unique store I will be returning to on a regular basis.

GEICO: advertising at its best.

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It truly amazes me every time I see a GEIC O commercial simply because of the brand’s staying power in pop culture. Although I am not a person who buys insurance, I am always familiar with the GEICO brand due to their ever prominent characters dominating advertising across television. The initial character that begun this was probably the GEICO Gecko.  The company basically humanizes itself in order to relate more with customers seeing it as a working class portrayed character with the working class Gecko. The Gecko appeals to viewers mainly because of the ‘cute and cuddly’ factor along with the comedic aspect to each commercial. The success of the GEICO Gecko has exceeded the expectations of many, by launching this mascot into celebrity-like stardom. A recent GEICO Gecko commercial included an actor playing the role as the ‘boss’ who continually interacts with the Gecko mascot. Within the mailroom commercial the supervisor figure discusses GEICO facts and accomplishments mentioned subtly, in turn persuading the viewer that we are a reliable and exceedingly successful company. The conversation then leads to the Gecko reiterating these ‘impressive’ accomplishments, which due to the humanizing factor of the Gecko viewers are reassured by his consensus. Coinciding with these factual references the Gecko is brought in for the comedic aspect portrayed as an employee that has worked his way up the ladder from the mailroom of GEICO. The irony of the tiny Gecko working in the mailroom conveys to viewers that starting out in a miniscule position leads to great achievement just as the Gecko has worked his way up to a more esteemed position with the company. This provides viewers with encouragement not only to be successful but be successful with GEICO insurance. With commercials such as the one previously discussed the success rate of GEICO insurance is primarily based on commercial video advertisements.  Personally, I know nothing about insurance, and when it comes the time to purchase insurance for whatever reason I would probably go with GEICO.  However, while writing this blog I became curious about the actual ratings on GEICO insurance, which, to my astonishment, after researching they turned out to be less than satisfactory with most customers. Although, due to the unparalleled advertisement campaigns their marketing department provides consumers, the GEICO name still generates the popularity and success necessary to remain a chief contender in the insurance industry.

Old Spice: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

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This Old Spice commercial is advertising at its best. Although a shallow advertisement, the marketing technique proves to be successful for comical reasons. Sex sells, and Old Spice stuck to this idea. The actor in this commercial is “the man your man could smell like”, goodlooking, well spoken, and ‘buff’. After viewing the commercial what woman wouldn’t want their man to look or sound like that? Additionally, what man wouldn’t want to be this guy? Tapping into sex appeal was Old Spice’s first technique. Cleverly the brand pokes fun at men who use their girlfriends’ body wash. The comically smug actor informs male viewers that if they stopped using ‘lady’s scented body wash’ and use Old Spice body wash he could smell like this suave handsome actor, thus recieving more female attention. By mentioning the lady’s body wash men instantly feel the need to be percieved as the typical manly man by using Old Spice body wash. When the actor is shown on the yacht boasting his diamonds, tickets to the show ‘you want to see’  this targets a stereotypical woman who wants these exact things. Lastly, by showing the actor on his ‘white horse’ the advterisement offers its last attempt at targeting women by referring to the age old cliche of the night in shining armor on his white horse, which every woman dreams of. In the end, the commercial states that if a man smelling like Old Spice has all these things to offer and will be more manly and attractive to women.

Prices to Pay Being a Skier

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With winter quickly approaching the time has come to purchase my new ski equipment. Extreme sports never fail to be an expensive past time, and skiing is quite the investment to say the least. This year, my plans to replace skis, boots, and poles will leave my bank account dwindling, however there always comes the time for any extreme sport participant to update their equipment.  When talking with fellow skiers or snowboarders expenses are always brought up, and not with fond sentiments. On the other hand, we all make the sacrifice to enjoy our passion. Big spending goes hand in hand with skiing and snowboarding, whether it be on the actual gear, lift tickets, or the cost to travel to different resorts. The consumer spending seen when arriving at a ski resort or entering any equipment shop proves that the industry is quite successful and continually growing. It goes to show that despite the vast amounts of money put into these sports it really doesn’t affect skier consumers’ decisions on investing in such a costly past time; mainly because these sports are worth the price we pay for them. A consumer will pay for what is important to them; moreover what they’re passionate about. In my case, although my bank account now looking rather slim, the money put towards something I get a great deal of enjoyment out of was money well spent . It is always a bittwersweet experience when making the hefty payment, yet it always proves to be worth it when you hit the slopes.

BCBGMaxAzria Birthday Discount

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Several months ago, close to the end of July, I was shopping in one of my go to apparel stores, BCBG MaxAzria. To no surprise, I found myself in my usual predicament; adoring several expensive pieces debating which one would ultimately be going home with me. There in lies the problem with expensive taste paired with a budget. However, I was delighted when a saleswoman informed me of their birthday discount, which offers customers the entire month of their birthday a 20% off discount to anything they purchase. Usually I shy away from leaping at the chance of a discount, mainly, because they don’t offer me what I truly want to spend my money on.  Although  BCBG’s birthday discount gave me the chance to purchase what I wanted, moreover since I always am caught between choosing between pieces I had the option to come back at another time and purchase something else during the month. Unfortunately there proved to be one small problem,  my birthday month was actually August and at the time it was July 29, but after letting the saleswoman know this information she promptly talked to the store manager who happily informed me she would let me recieve the discount early! In the end I left with a lovely purchase in hand and plans to return for my other soon to be purchased items using my newly discovered discount. In my eyes, that is fabulous customer service which will keep me a devoted customer. Additionally I feel the discount promotion is genius because it is offered the entire month on all merchandise, which persaudes shopoholics, like myself, to repeat purchase frequently during that particular time. Needless to say I made many visits back to BCBG that month and am eagerly awaiting August 2011’s arrival.