Twenty Ten Boutique Comes to Wabash Landing.

This year I was a little skeptical hearing that a new apparel retailer would be opening a store in the wabash landing. I do the majority of my shopping either online or in Indianapolis due to the lack of higher quality  retailers residing in the Lafayette area. To my surprise the boutique named Twenty Ten proved to be a real diamond in the rough. When I enetered the brand new boutique I was stunned by the chic layout and design of their floor plan. I felt as if I were in a trendy boutique in the heart of manhatten; moreover the clothes were actually peaking my interest unlike the unkempt  racks of merchandise at Charlotte Rousse in the Tippencanoe Mall. I was truly impressed. As I perused through their trendy designs I was once again shocked to see a few brands I was familiar with. These brands are usually featured on the websites I shop at, which feature higher end designers and pricier merchandise (not something you typically see in West Lafayette). The designs were fairly edgy especially for Lafayette retailer, and on their Facebook page they even say they offer LA’s newest trends and celebrity favorites to the fashionistas at Purdue. The fact that an edgier more trendy retailer has come to Lafayette in order to offer apparel many of female Purdue students aren’t able to find in the area shows there is a market in need of targeting. With Twenty Tens new arrival, this may forshadow other edgier apparel retailers following suit in the future. Although I usually turn my nose up at many of the apparel retailers in Lafayette I find Twenty Ten to be a unique store I will be returning to on a regular basis.


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