Black Friday Madness.

It baffles me that actual people resort to these measures on Black Friday. I personally have only ventured out once for Black Friday, and that was enough to last me a lifetime. Granted, I am an avid shopper who loves a markdown, but even I just can’t seem to muster up the patience to deal with an immense mob of blood thirsty shopppers. Everyone loves a good sale, but at what lengths are people willing to go in order to get it? Clearly trampeling others is not out of the question for many people on black friday due to the number of cases that have been recorded on videotape. I would rather pay full price for something than go through the aggravation Black Friday entails, not to mention the bodily harm it could potentially cause me. Nevertheless, each year sale-driven shoppers are waking at 3am to stand in line for the madness to commence once those doors open.


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