Another one bites the dust…

Over the past few years I was once a devoted consumer to the Bose brand. Their in-ear headphones came recommended to me by a friend after realizing my iPod set had seen better days. Although the headphones were a steep price of $100 I figured a decent pair was worth the extra money, figuring they would last me quite some time. To my dismay, I found that they headphones were more trouble than they were worth. The headphone tips that came with the headphones would fall off regularly if I was the slightest bit rough with them, which became a reoccurring problem while I was exercising. Without the tips the headphones would barely stay in my ears, and although they came with spare sets they would constantly be getting lost or fall off. I was then forced to buy a new set of tips from the Bose store; now what is more irritating is that they were only sold in the store at that time. This proved to be an inconvenience especially when the nearest Bose store was an hour away from where I live.  Although I was quite frustrated, I ultimately chose to put up with the inconvenience and continue using the headphones. I then came across a new problem, the wiring in the headphones somehow became defective and the sound quality became very poor and only worked in one ear. This dilemma occurred about a half a year after purchasing them, and when I took them into the store they gave me a new pair for half price. They informed me that  this seemed to be a problem with many other conumsers. The store employees also informed me that the new headphones had new and improved tips that would actually stay on. I felt pretty satisfied with the new headphones I bought with the promise of them lasting longer and better than my recent pair. Shockingly enough the same problem with the tips continued on despite the ‘new and improved design’. Also the same wiring problem started about a year after use once again. I was truly disappointed with the in-ear headphone product by Bose, and though I tried to continue my customer loyalty I was then forced to search elsewhere for headphones. So in this case, another Bose headphone set bites the dust, and I am now fairly content with the Skullcandy headphones that are now my brand of choice.


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