Winter Brings Long Lines to Starbucks.

I found myself quite alarmed today when I was unable to obtain my caffeine fix from my preferred Starbucks due to another obscene line of customers. I would classify myself as a fairly devoted consumer to Starbucks coffee, being that I am rarely ever seen without a cup in hand most days. However, after taking a glance at the ridiculous number of people in today’s line,  like those that Starbucks becomes notoriously known for during Winter, I took my business elsewhere. Unfortunately, I was not quite as satisfied with the coffee I opted for instead. I seem to find myself in this very same predicament each Winter season, and wonder why so many people are willing to put up with the hastle of waiting in line. At times the lines are so long they have the potential to prevent students from making it to class on time, yet there they stand.  As much as it pains me to admit it, I sometimes find myself amidst the swarm of people in these lines mainly because during these frigid months a hot Starbucks coffee seems like the only thing that will get me through the long walk across campus.  It would seem appropriate for a few or at least one more Starbucks to be scattered around campus in order to keep the crowd at a reasonable level. I’m sure that the student population would be more than delighted by this, moreover they would be able to provide enough business. Until then I guess customer devotion speaks for itself when it comes to Purdue students and their love for Starbucks coffee.


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