Celebrities Pump Up Proactiv.

Although Proactiv is rated the number one skincare product among dermatologists, it is well known that the product in all actuallity is what some may call a sham. The customer ratings speak for themselves and I, myself, was extremely dissapointed in the results Proactiv failed to give me when I was once a user. However, the product remains to be successful despite the fact that it really doesn’t work. The question is, why?

Well after glancing at a few commercials for he brand it becomes quite apparent, and the answer is celebrity endorements.

It’s quite the advertising technique in fact. Proactiv always chooses a celebrity with a good reputation and a girl next door look because in all honesty every young girl wants to be the girl next door even moreso like a celebrity. Recent celebrities chosen to endosre the brand have been Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Love Hewitt, etc. At one point in time Lindsay Lohan was once a Proactiv celebrity endorser, however due to the train wreck and bad influence she has become the brand dropped her faster than a hot potatoe. The commical aspect to these advertisements is that these celebrities clearly do not have an acne problem, but the fact they are being paid millions of dollars gives them enough incentive to show a picture of themselves with a tiny pimple and claim that to be a case of embarressing, shameful acne. Low and behold these celebrities confess that Proactiv was the product which cured them of their ‘acne’  and let them truly shine and become the radiant successful star each of them are today. Katy Perry is the most recent Proactiv supporter, but the picture of her with ‘acne’ is almost laughable because it really is a minor pimple. The popular singer really shows no signs of suffering from acne, but nevertheless the brand remains to be successful. The power in which celebrities hold over consumers has gone to the extreme in this case, especially when marketing a product that really does not actually do what it promises.


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