O’Charley’s Provides Poor Service.

I find it difficult to sympathize with waiters or waitresses who do not right down orders. My recent experiences at O’Charley’s being a prime example. The dinner was literally doomed from the very start when my waitress took my family’s orders without writing a single thing down. First our appetizer was the not the right appetizer we ordered ,which was simply chips and salsa. Instead we recieved a very greasy order of cheese fries. After informing her of her mistake she offered to bring us the correct appetizer however, we opted to just wait for our meals instead. Next she completely failed to bring my Dad’s side ceasar salad, and at this point our  frustration levels were beginning to boil over. Nevertheless the third and final strike was when my dinner was still a bit cold. In confronting the waitress of all her mistakes she offered her apologies, but there was no sympathy from my end due to the fact that she chose to not write the order down.  Granted if she had the proficieny to memorize the complete order with no mistakes I would have no complaints; in fact I would be quite impressed. The waitress informed us that she would tell her manager about the situation and he then approached my family offering his sincerest apologies and to pay for our dinner due to our incompetent waitress.

Despite the fact that our dinner was on-the-house, the evening had been spoiled. Unfortunately this was not the last time we would deal with this issue from the same O’Charley’s restaurant. Not even a week later a different waitress failed to write the order down. Needless to say, the order was once again incorrect when we recieved it. My Dad fuming, to say the least,  informed the waitrss of her mistakes and the manager approached us yet again offering the same deal. Although we recieved another free meal and apologies were offered the fact of the matter is that the manager clearly failed to make sure the waiters and waitresses all write down the orders just as they are supposed to. Even with our previous complaints in service, the situation did not improve. Personally, I find poor service at restaurants, such as this story exemplifies, to be one of my biggest pet peaves because it really is easily avoided. Just as an F on an Exam is easily avoided with the proper amount of studying, this whole ordeal would have been bipassed by the waitress properly using her pen and order forms. What needed to occur was the manager to be more strict on waitresses writing down orders especially after recieving a customer complaint about that very issue. Now that O’Charley’s has proven to provide less than satisfactory service on more than one occassion my business will without a doubt be taken elsewhere.


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