The Success of the GEICO Caveman

Another vastly popular mascot for the GEICO company is the Caveman Series. These campaigns feature a caveman living in present-day society that composes himself as just another average individual, excluding the caveman physical features. Within these commercials a slogan is presented: “GEICO: so easy a caveman could do it.”, leading to the caveman becoming tremendously offended by the stereotypical tagline. The caveman is being portrayed as a brainless being that is incapable of anything but trivial tasks accept investing with GEICO insurance. Viewers see the caveman as any other individual in today’s society; although they are still being harshly stereotyped. At this moment the humorous aspect is thrown in with the irony of the situation staged in the advertisement. The slogan subconsciously provides the viewer with the knowledge that GEICO is easily accessible to anyone; moreover easily operated. The success of the caveman series has been remarkable, and in 2008, the GEICO Caveman was awarded favorite advertising icon of the year. The popularity also lead to a variety of interactive websites being created in addition to a television show deemed ‘Cavemen’ premiering on ABC television network in late 2007. In the end GEICO has once again proven to be a leading innovator in the advertising world in addition to providing consumers with a consistent brand image.


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