GEICO: advertising at its best.

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It truly amazes me every time I see a GEIC O commercial simply because of the brand’s staying power in pop culture. Although I am not a person who buys insurance, I am always familiar with the GEICO brand due to their ever prominent characters dominating advertising across television. The initial character that begun this was probably the GEICO Gecko.  The company basically humanizes itself in order to relate more with customers seeing it as a working class portrayed character with the working class Gecko. The Gecko appeals to viewers mainly because of the ‘cute and cuddly’ factor along with the comedic aspect to each commercial. The success of the GEICO Gecko has exceeded the expectations of many, by launching this mascot into celebrity-like stardom. A recent GEICO Gecko commercial included an actor playing the role as the ‘boss’ who continually interacts with the Gecko mascot. Within the mailroom commercial the supervisor figure discusses GEICO facts and accomplishments mentioned subtly, in turn persuading the viewer that we are a reliable and exceedingly successful company. The conversation then leads to the Gecko reiterating these ‘impressive’ accomplishments, which due to the humanizing factor of the Gecko viewers are reassured by his consensus. Coinciding with these factual references the Gecko is brought in for the comedic aspect portrayed as an employee that has worked his way up the ladder from the mailroom of GEICO. The irony of the tiny Gecko working in the mailroom conveys to viewers that starting out in a miniscule position leads to great achievement just as the Gecko has worked his way up to a more esteemed position with the company. This provides viewers with encouragement not only to be successful but be successful with GEICO insurance. With commercials such as the one previously discussed the success rate of GEICO insurance is primarily based on commercial video advertisements.  Personally, I know nothing about insurance, and when it comes the time to purchase insurance for whatever reason I would probably go with GEICO.  However, while writing this blog I became curious about the actual ratings on GEICO insurance, which, to my astonishment, after researching they turned out to be less than satisfactory with most customers. Although, due to the unparalleled advertisement campaigns their marketing department provides consumers, the GEICO name still generates the popularity and success necessary to remain a chief contender in the insurance industry.


Old Spice: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

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This Old Spice commercial is advertising at its best. Although a shallow advertisement, the marketing technique proves to be successful for comical reasons. Sex sells, and Old Spice stuck to this idea. The actor in this commercial is “the man your man could smell like”, goodlooking, well spoken, and ‘buff’. After viewing the commercial what woman wouldn’t want their man to look or sound like that? Additionally, what man wouldn’t want to be this guy? Tapping into sex appeal was Old Spice’s first technique. Cleverly the brand pokes fun at men who use their girlfriends’ body wash. The comically smug actor informs male viewers that if they stopped using ‘lady’s scented body wash’ and use Old Spice body wash he could smell like this suave handsome actor, thus recieving more female attention. By mentioning the lady’s body wash men instantly feel the need to be percieved as the typical manly man by using Old Spice body wash. When the actor is shown on the yacht boasting his diamonds, tickets to the show ‘you want to see’  this targets a stereotypical woman who wants these exact things. Lastly, by showing the actor on his ‘white horse’ the advterisement offers its last attempt at targeting women by referring to the age old cliche of the night in shining armor on his white horse, which every woman dreams of. In the end, the commercial states that if a man smelling like Old Spice has all these things to offer and will be more manly and attractive to women.

Prices to Pay Being a Skier

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With winter quickly approaching the time has come to purchase my new ski equipment. Extreme sports never fail to be an expensive past time, and skiing is quite the investment to say the least. This year, my plans to replace skis, boots, and poles will leave my bank account dwindling, however there always comes the time for any extreme sport participant to update their equipment.  When talking with fellow skiers or snowboarders expenses are always brought up, and not with fond sentiments. On the other hand, we all make the sacrifice to enjoy our passion. Big spending goes hand in hand with skiing and snowboarding, whether it be on the actual gear, lift tickets, or the cost to travel to different resorts. The consumer spending seen when arriving at a ski resort or entering any equipment shop proves that the industry is quite successful and continually growing. It goes to show that despite the vast amounts of money put into these sports it really doesn’t affect skier consumers’ decisions on investing in such a costly past time; mainly because these sports are worth the price we pay for them. A consumer will pay for what is important to them; moreover what they’re passionate about. In my case, although my bank account now looking rather slim, the money put towards something I get a great deal of enjoyment out of was money well spent . It is always a bittwersweet experience when making the hefty payment, yet it always proves to be worth it when you hit the slopes.

BCBGMaxAzria Birthday Discount

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Several months ago, close to the end of July, I was shopping in one of my go to apparel stores, BCBG MaxAzria. To no surprise, I found myself in my usual predicament; adoring several expensive pieces debating which one would ultimately be going home with me. There in lies the problem with expensive taste paired with a budget. However, I was delighted when a saleswoman informed me of their birthday discount, which offers customers the entire month of their birthday a 20% off discount to anything they purchase. Usually I shy away from leaping at the chance of a discount, mainly, because they don’t offer me what I truly want to spend my money on.  Although  BCBG’s birthday discount gave me the chance to purchase what I wanted, moreover since I always am caught between choosing between pieces I had the option to come back at another time and purchase something else during the month. Unfortunately there proved to be one small problem,  my birthday month was actually August and at the time it was July 29, but after letting the saleswoman know this information she promptly talked to the store manager who happily informed me she would let me recieve the discount early! In the end I left with a lovely purchase in hand and plans to return for my other soon to be purchased items using my newly discovered discount. In my eyes, that is fabulous customer service which will keep me a devoted customer. Additionally I feel the discount promotion is genius because it is offered the entire month on all merchandise, which persaudes shopoholics, like myself, to repeat purchase frequently during that particular time. Needless to say I made many visits back to BCBG that month and am eagerly awaiting August 2011’s arrival.

MyPanera Becomes My New Obsession.

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With my new discovery of Panera’s new My Panera rewards card I have become less of a devoted customer and more of a  fanatical one.  I usually find that the majority of rewards cards don’t really live up to what they promise, however in Panera’s case they reward consumers just as promised. I am always delightfuly surprised when offered a complimentary pastry, coffee, smoothie or whatever my card treats me to after purchasing. There’s always the option to pass on the prize and save it for another visit, which is aggravatingly not an option for many other retail rewards cards . Now what  else could a loyal Panera follower ask for? I’m particularly fond of the actual card for your wallet as well as a miniature key chain card because I can always have MyPanera with me just in case I get the craving, which  I so often do. With the success of the MyPanera card, Panera obviously benefits from the new campaign mainly because Panera sincerely shows the apprecciation they have for their consumers, and the more you visit the more rewards you recieve!

Eataly: The New Manhatten Craze

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With the recent opening of Italian market/ gourmet food funhouse, also known as Eataly, Manhatten has never been the same.

I myself was lucky enough to experience this 50,000 square foot trendy piece of Italy. Upon entering, what hit me was a senses overload, not only is it a european styled market only carrying the finest of produce, poultry, meats, etc. it features 12 different restaurants. Whatever mood you find yourself in you can always find what you’re looking for. The dilectable pastries can seduce just about any passerby. Every which way you look there are signs to guide you whether it be towards to the wine and cheese tasting area or, my personal favorite, the Gelato Cafe. Eataly, for the most part, is seperate retail divisions interconnected to one huge retail unit. Some of these divisions have their own sit-down restaurant which gives off a rather European trendy feel. What would Eataly be without its very own in house-butcher and fishmonger? The best of the best is only found here, and the atmosphere informs consumers of this quite quickly. What also makes Eataly such a fresh and trendy place for New Yorkers, is the quality of their products. Despite the fact that they sell pre-packaged pastas, a vast amount of it is made in the store. This goes for a number of other foods sold, and to consumers a product made superbly right before their very eyes is a product worth buying. While Eataly is mainly a market, it also features italian houseware as well as a cooking school. Plans for Eataly’s future are to construct a rooftop beer garden and microbrewery, which undoubtedly will prove to be another smash hit. I came to notice that not for a moment is Eataly at a stand still, with the bustling shoppers weeding thier way from delicousness to delicousness no wonder this fresh food tycoon will be seen in cities  like Chicago and Boston in the near future. Personally I feel the experience I had while meandering my way through Eataly was something everyone who travels to New York City should experience. Eataly is not just a mere food market, but a learning experience of  gourmet italian food. Sadly I was forced to eventually find my way to the exit, however when I am hopefuly residing permanently in Manhatten I plan to  be a frequent visitor of this new phenomenal marketplace.

Fish’s Eddy in the Empire State of Mind.

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 Being a city girl at heart, it came as no surprise to me during my first visit to New York that I’d fall head over heals. Fast lane, high speed lifestyle is truly what draws me in, however galivanting across Manhatten opened my eyes to a new retailer that is truly a diamond in the ruff. I first came across the quaint dishwear store, Fish’s Eddie, while strolling down Broadway. Under any other circumstances one would think: dishwear, what could be so enticing? Well my friends, Fish’s Eddy gives a new spin on a seemingly bland product by putting an edgey unique design to their dishwear. A simple cup may have the designs of a new york times cross word or the adorably fun new york apartment floor plan. Upon entering the store I was thrown into a swarm of people going completely nuts for these incredibly precious pieces. The merchandise ranges from totes  to trays; napkins to dinner plates. Much of the inventory was reasonably priced, for New York that is. I examined a cup priced at $7.00, however even with the priciness consumers were still more than happy to slide their visas in order to obtain such trendy items. As I  proceeded to wait in line for my very own purchase, it proved that the business was flourishing due to the incessant noise of a ringing cash register at all times. Of course my purchase is from the brooklyn styled glasses, and I will forever have a fond memory until I return.